Bingjie Lulu Hu

Instructional Design

HP LIFE e-Learning

May, 2012 - Present
Education Development Center
In partnership with Hewlett Packard

HP LIFE compilation image

HP LIFE e-Learning is a free, online training program for users around the world to learn about business and business technology. The program includes interactive courses in five languages and provides opportunities for students to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and seek business mentors. My role on the project included creating content alongside subject matter experts and users. I designed and developed the interactivities in Articulate Storyline, and developed the courses for use on both desktop and tablet settings. I led a team of Storyline developers in translating the courses into several languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. We continue to develop courses based on users' suggestions and requests, frequently pulling our users in as beta testers and partnering with local and national organizations.

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Magic Monsters

January, 2012
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Project for HT123, Informal Learning for Children; Professor Joe Blatt
Teammates: Jessica Ellis, Stephanie Leung, Lin Pang, Diego Vallejos

Magic Monsters

Magic Monsters is a game designed to enhance attention for early elementary school-aged children. With my team, I helped research the neuroscience behind multitasking, media and technology, and learning, and co-designed a game for the web, mobile phone, iPad, and Kinect to target the development of orienting and attention skills. My roles in creation of this project included background research of the audience group (early elementary school students, families, and teachers), research of neuroscience and game mechanics, and development of the game design and story.

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The Avenue

Fall, 2011
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Project for T522, ​Innovation by Design, Professor David Dockterman
Joint Project for T526, Power of Networked Learning, Professor Stone Wiske
Teammates: Briana Pressey, Diana Mazzucca

The Avenue

The Avenue is a website that aims to empower middle school girls in their physical activity and exercise. Our team focused on developing girls' confidence in learning activities they consider difficult in physical exercise. We conducted surveys and interviews with members in our target audience, and developed a series of activities for girls to engage in to both exercise more and develop more knowledge of exercises and confidence in their abilities to perform them. My role in this project included research, design of the website and especially interactions users could have with each other and while personally on the site. My particular area of focus was encouraging users to reflect on their own thoughts, progress, and goals during and because of their use of the website. This was shown most through the Journal section of the website.

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Summer, 2010
Iowa State University
​National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates, Dr. Eve Wurtele
Teammates: Erica Gibson, Tim Swast

Fuzzies screenshot

This game was designed as a complementary activity for a genetics unit in middle school biology or life sciences classes. Our team conducted a literature review to identify and target the most commonly held misconceptions that middle school students had about genetics. We then designed and produced a Flash game to address and teach these concepts. My role included research, design and visual production of the game, some coding in ActionScript, and evaluation of the game upon completion.

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PDAS Scratch

Wellesley College
Thesis and Independent Research, Professor Panagiotis Takis Metaxas
Joint Project for MAS714, Technologies for Creative Learning (MIT), Professor Mitch Resnick, Professor Sherry Turkle

PDAS Scratch

For this independent project, I developed a STEM outreach curriculum for middle school students in an after-school program located in inner-Boston. The curriculum was centered around Scratch, a program developed by MIT, as well as Social-Emotional Learning curricula such as Open Circle. The curriculum was eight weeks long and implemented in Spring of 2011 with seven middle school students.

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Games and Interactives

Bubble Gum Pop

Game made in Adobe Director 10 for CS215 Multimedia Design and Programming

Bubble Gum Pop

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Honda Entertainment System

A concept design for Honda Acura's new entertainment interface, created for CS249 Human Computer Interaction with Lili Shi and Liz Pierce.

Honda Acura Entertainment concept

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Gestalt Flipbook

Interactive instructional flipbook about Gestalt. Made in Adobe Director 10 for CS215, Multimedia Design and Programming.

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A simple letter-eating go-cart game. Created with C++ with Tim Swast and Erica Gibson.

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A text-based Mario-style platformer. Created in C++ with Tim Swast and Erica Gibson. Designed world.

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Berry Jam

A more delicious version of Reversi or Othello. Programmed in Java.

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Animations and Stills

Cupcake Spaceship

Extraterrestrial pastry. Rendered in Autodesk Maya

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Ball Story

Ball's first steps on the tightrope. Created and rendered in Autodesk Maya.

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Baby's first steps. Hand-drawn in Photoshop.

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Borrower's Spaceship

Rendered in Autodesk Maya. Shoe, legos, boomerang, hand-held fans, styrofoam tray, pushpins, straws, pizza stand, fabric.

Baby's head

Infant head. Rendered in Autodesk Maya.


Cinderella cleaning. Rendered in Autodesk Maya.

Fairy Godmother

After the Fairy Godmother arrives. Rendered in Autodesk Maya.


Stage and lighting set up for a dancer. Rendered in Autodesk Maya.

Apple Pie

Tasty pie. Rendered in Autodesk Maya.


The original, non-extraterrestrial pastry. Rendered in Autodesk Maya