Bingjie Lulu Hu
Stories, Learning, Design

These are a few of my favorite things.

Bingjie Lulu Hu, photo by David Chen


Everyone has a story. Our life stories are diverse, some long and some short, each with varying levels of complexity and drama. As we interact with one another, our life stories intersect and create something bigger and more beautiful, like intricate threads woven together to create a tapestry. Every thing also has a story, whether it be a tangible product or an idea. There is some beginning, some progression and growth, and some end (perhaps even a transition to a new story). Stories describe ourselves and each other.


Learning goes beyond classrooms, books, and institutions. Learning is a lifestyle, an endless journey that we may or may not even be aware that we are on - our awareness of it makes it all the more exciting. Learning is a journey that we take in the company and partnership of family, friends, teachers, coworkers, neighbors - even strangers. Learning is a story in and of itself, which doesn't end but continually changes as time goes on, revisiting themes within itself again and again as in a symphony.


One of my first loves was human-computer interaction, or simply human-centric design. I love design that places the user at its heart, which pinpoints a specific need and drives toward resolving it in a thoughtful and research-based manner. Design is both a science and an art, a marriage of creativity, engineering, and innovation. Design is where my love of telling and hearing stories, and of participating in and guiding learning come together in a student-driven journey.